Fundraiser Dinner for Colorado 4-H Foundation

If you are in Fort Collins, CO on the evening of Wednesday, November 13, please consider stopping by the Chipotle restaurant at the Harmony & Timberline location between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. and purchase some food.  Bring a copy of the ad linked below or show it on your smartphone and 50% of the proceeds from your meal will go directly to the Colorado 4-H Foundation.

Download a PDF flyer for the fundraiser event.

Thank you!

Educational Opportunities for Youth at Make Camp

4-H youth looking for great educational opportunities to participate in this summer – look no further than Make Camp.

Each day, youth can “make” something, hangout with an accomplished maker and on Fridays have a virtual tour. Check it out!

Sign up for camp at: and join the Colorado 4-H campsite!


Posted on behalf of Claire Dixon:

4-H NYSD Announcement

Colorado 4-H STEM is eager to announce the 2013 National 4-H Youth Science Day Experiment, developed by regional STEM specialists Christy Fitzpatrick and Claire Dixon in conjunction with CSU’s College of Natural Science Education and Outreach Center, the Geospatial Centroid at CSU, ESRI and USGS. The official date for the 2013 4-H NYSD is October 9th, but agents, volunteers and youth are encouraged to participate throughout the month of October.

The 2013 National 4-H Science Experiment, 4-H Maps & Apps, explores how geography and geographic information systems (GIS) help people make smart decisions that improve lives, respect our natural resources, and make a positive impact in our world.

4-H Maps & Apps features two traditional activities with youth and facilitator guides and two additional standalone activities for further geospatial exploration. Here is a link to the national website which has information about the event and a place to download the guides.

Activity One: Park It! Be a Layer Player gives youth the opportunity to geospatially design a park as community designers. Youth are grouped into teams that work with geographic layers (the visual representation of a geographic dataset in a digital map environment) to design a community park. Youth will work as a team to begin with the end in mind, designing the park based on community needs and focusing on layers of natural and man-made features. Feedback between teams is delivered through a crowdsourcing “map gallery walk” where “tweets” are posted for teams to consider. Youth teams are encouraged to post their designs online at

Activity Two: ProblemsLayers: Let’s Talk Trash, gives youth the opportunity to use geographic layers to develop cost-effective solutions to trash trouble. Using a map of Sterling, Colorado, this activity requires youth to plot trash of various types on layers and make a determination how to spend a limited amount of funding on trash receptacles.

Two additional extension activities will be available from the national 4-H website for those interested in a more in-depth project with geospatial science.

Each county/unit in Colorado will receive a kit for the 2013 4-H National Youth Science Day Experiment. Youth and Facilitator Guides are attached for more information. If you have any questions, please contact any member of the STEM team.

Claire Dixon
Front Range STEM Specialist
CSU Extension
15200 West Sixth Ave, Suite C
Golden, CO 80401-6588
Christy Fitzpatrick
Northeastern STEM Specialist
970.491.4424 or 970.522.7207
CSU Extension
Northeastern Regional Engagement Center
304 Main Street
Sterling, CO 80751
Barbara J. Shaw
Western STEM Specialist
CSU Extension
1001 N. 2nd Street
Montrose, CO 81401


Posted on behalf of Claire Dixon:

Kersey teen Zach Barker finishes among top-10 in National 4-H shotgun contest

An article appeared in the June 14, 2013 issue of The Greeley Tribune that showcased Zach Barker’s top-10 finish in the National 4-H shotgun contest.  Congratulations to Zach for finishing so well and for his great enthusiasm with Colorado 4-H Shooting Sports!

Please take a moment to read about Zach’s accomplishments in the Tribune’s recent article:


Colorado 4-H In the News

There have been a couple of recent articles that showcase Colorado 4-H that we wanted to share with you:

– Glenwood Springs Post Independent: For 110 years, 4-H has let young people ‘learn by doing’, by Kim Schriver

– Colorado State University Department of Public Relations: Colorado State University’s 4-H Program Inducts Three New Hall of Fame Members, by Jennifer Dimas

4-H Update

Volume 15, Number 12

Dates to Remember:

• July 31:  National 4-H Conference applications due
• August 15:  State Fair exhibit check-in, Pueblo
• August 24 – Sept. 3 – Colorado State Fair, Pueblo
• Sept. 2 – University holiday, offices closed

What’s Your H?

Have you seen our new Facebook and Twitter pages? If not, you are missing out on updates from events, good information, contests, etc.! Like us on Facebook at or search Colorado 4-H and follow us on Twitter at or @Colorado4H. You will stay up-to-date with happenings around the state and read great 4-H stories as well as be able to share your own and interact with others around the state.  Like and follow us today, then share our page with friends! – Ellen Butler

Horse 360 and Dog 360

Help us promote the Horse 360 and Dog 360 apps! Colorado 4-H will receive a portion of the worldwide sales of these two apps that are downloaded in June and July. Please share this information with 4-H and non-4-H clientele in your county.

Some information about the download of these apps:

The easiest way to direct people to the download site is with the following link to the Horse 360 website at: There is an easy download button as well as videos and more information about the apps.

  • You can also download these apps from iTunes or the App Store.
  • These apps are only available for Apple products (iPad and iPhone).
  • You must have an iTunes account to download them.
  • The Horse 360 app is offered as a $1.99 download (only a partial download) or as a bundle for $9.99.  There are 6 partial downloads of different categories so you save $2.00 by downloading the bundle.
  • The Dog 360 is sold in the four different downloads for $1.99 each or download the bundle for $6.99.
  • You also need to be aware that there is another app out there called “Dogs 360” (plural) that is not in any way part of this effort. Please be sure the app you download is Dog 360 (singular).

Also, feel free to share the flyer on social media or any other way you can get the word out there.  If you have any questions, please call 970.491.1152.

Remember – the deadline for Colorado 4-H to benefit from the downloads of these two applications is July 31!

Ellen Butler

Camp Tobin Registration Now Available

County Staff with 4hOnline responsibilities, it is important that you read this message in its entirety.

Online registration for 2012 Camp Tobin is now available through 4hOnline.  In the past, families have been able to register themselves for the event using our old registration system, and it’s likely that they will be expecting to register themselves again this year.  Attached to this email are instructions that families can use to learn how to log into 4hOnline and register for Camp Tobin.

How to Open Up Registration for Families:
In order for families to register for Camp Tobin as they have done in the past, you will need to make sure that you have opened up 4hOnline to allow families to log in and register for events.  As illustrated in the screenshot below, please log into your county’s 4hOnline account, navigate to the Enrollment tab and then select the Options button.  Under the section called “For Families”, look for the second checkbox labeled, “Do Not Allow Existing Families to Edit Their Record”, and make sure that this box is NOT checked.

Be sure to save your changes by clicking on the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

If you choose to not allow members to register themselves for Camp Tobin, you may wish to contact your members and let them know that they will need to register through your county office.  We will be posting a link on our homepage and on the State Fair Packet page that will allow members to access the 4hOnline login page as well as a note to contact their county office if they do not know how to log into the system.

IMPORTANT: Regarding Financial Transfers – Connie will be creating all of the Financial Transfers for this event. Financial Transfers will be created for each family that is attending, so if your county has multiple families who will be attending, then multiple Financial Transfers will be created under your county account.

Note: Please be aware that if you are registering members at the county level, in addition to Camp Tobin registration, you will also see that Teen Clerks registration is listed as an option – the State Office will be registering Teen Clerks this year, so please ignore this option if you see it.
– Darrin Goodman

2012 Shooting Sports Events Registration is now available through 4hOnline!

Please note that the absolute deadline for registering members into the state shoot is August 1st at 11:59PM.

Below is the direct link to the Registration portal page. Please take a moment and review the material on this page BEFORE entering your county contestants!

Other contest resources may be found here:

One major change this year is that a county may only send 5 individuals in the shotgun classes. (Other classes allow 6 entries).

For those counties who will be registering youth for the event, proceed as normal with registration through 4hOnline.

County leaders (coaches) who have been authorized by their County Extension Staff will have the special credentials necessary to use the 4hOnline Event Registration system; these individuals will be emailed individually by Kim Morrison with the correct login credentials.  Your leaders will not be able to use the new system without these credentials!

As usual, once all members in your county who will be competing in the Shooting Sports Events have been registered, and once you are ready to make your payment, please complete the process of (1) creating a financial transfer, (2) adding invoices to the transfer, (3) adding a payment with check number, (4) submitting the payment through 4hOnline, and (5) printing/mailing a hard copy of your financial transfer along with your check.  A tutorial on how to complete this process may be found here:  Please see the bottom of the Contest Packet page to learn more about where to mail your check to.

Please let me know if you have any questions.    – Darrin Goodman

WASP Boulder – Wings Aerospace Science Program Training

2012 Teacher-training Dates

  • August 7th Boulder/St. Vrain
  • August 11th Glenwood Springs
  • September 22nd Loveland/Ft. Collins
  • October 13th Pueblo
  • November 3rd Colorado Springs
  • December 1st Denver – Wings Museum

Click here to login to W.A.S.P.

The file below has an active link to the website where teachers can register for this training or lick here to sign up Thanks to a partnership between Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum and the CDOT Division of Aeronautics, the training is FREE! The trunk of resources that’s worth nearly $600 is given to each teacher for FREE, and we’ll restock the kits for FREE! Also, teachers can take this training for CDE continuing education credit, and for $55 they can earn a graduate credit from Adams State University.

It’s a great deal, and this curriculum is really fun to teach. Thank you very much for your help! Please call or e-mail if you have questions or comments.

Megan Quitter, Director of Education, Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum,,

4-H Update

Volume 15, Number 11

Dates to Remember:

• May 28:  University Holiday, offices closed
• June 1:  Colorado 4-H Foundation Golf Tournament, Pelican Lakes Golf & Country Club, Windsor
• June 1:  Youth leadership and Citizenship applications due
• June 19-21:  State 4-H Conference, Colorado State University Campus
• June 23 – 30:  Citizenship-Washington Focus, National 4-H Center, Chevy Chase, MD
• July 4:  University Holiday, offices closed


Host families are needed for 65 inbound Japanese boys and girls, ages 12-21, coming to Colorado through the 2012 inbound Colorado-Japan Teen Exchange.  Hosting dates are July 23 – August 18 OR July 25 – August 18.

This program is coordinated through Colorado State University and has been running since 1975.

Host families do not need to be a member of 4-H and may reside in urban, suburban, or rural settings throughout Colorado.  They may share a room with their host sibling.  Matches are made on the basis of same sex and close in age, as well as some common interests.  Note:  Host siblings may be as young as nine to match with a 12 year old Japanese participant.

All participants are 100 percent medically covered with 4-H insurance and may participate in host family vacations, camping trips, youth camps.  They are expected to become part of the family, including attending church, helping with household chores, follow house rules, and participate in other aspects of US daily life.  The program covers costs for the exchange.  Each participant has his/her own spending money.

Japanese participants will attend an orientation in Denver before going to host families and a debriefing in Denver before returning to Japan. Orientation for host families is done in Denver on the same day as delegate pickup.   Carpools are planned to transport delegates to homes if host families are not able to attend orientation or pick up their exchange student.  A complete orientation packet including program information, culture information, and complete application of the delegate they are hosting will be mailed to host families.

Host siblings have the option of traveling to Japan to participate in a four or eight-week exchange while staying with Japanese host families and learning Japanese culture.


Please contact Courtney Loflin, 4-H International Programs, Colorado State University, 970.491.2711, or email

Ellen Butler

2012 Inbound IFYEs to Colorado – Hosting Opportunity

The Colorado 4-H Foundation (former 4-H Youth Fund) was initially established in 1952 to support two programs – IFYE (International Four-H Youth Exchange) and CWF (Citizenship Washington Focus).  Colorado began participating in the IFYE program in 1951, although the program was developed in 1948 as a post-war peace effort involving 4-H farm youth from around the world.  Currently, IFYE participants come from countries on every continent.  Colorado’s IFYE program is the strongest in the United States.

Austria – Franz Winkler  (male – age 29) – June 18 – July 7.  Speaks German and  English.  Hobbies are biking, running, playing football, skiing, cross country skiing, concerts, theater, choir, traditional Austrian dance, and Landjugen (4-H) activities.  His parents own a farm (grassland, grain, corn, forest).  He attended an agricultural school and finished as a skilled worker, followed by studying the occupation as a joiner and finished also as a skilled worker.  (No allergies/ nonsmoker)

Austria – Christine Dumfart  (female –  age 21) – July 9 – August 16.  Speaks German and English.  Hobbies are clarinet, friends, sports, running, biking, hiking, skiing, climbing, and Landjugen (4-H) activities.  She is interested in nature, sightseeing.  Her parents own a farm with livestock and hay.  She attends polytechnic school.  (No allergies/nonsmoker)

Finland – Annina Kirsti Marjatta (female – age 28) – June 18 – July 30.  Speaks Finnish, English, Swedish.  Hobbies are handicrafts, travelling, childcare, nature, 4-H, sheep, goats, flowers, horseback riding.  She has lived her entire life in the middle of the forest.  She is a teacher at a vocational school.  (No allergies/nonsmoker)

Germany – Maximilian Schulze Esking (male – age 24) – June 18 – July 23, July 29 – September 10.  Speaks German and English.  Hobbies are squash, soccer, badminton, piano, friends, playing poker.  He is interested in the American way of farming, especially large units of livestock and crop land.  He grew up on a family pig farm.  They also grew wheat, corn, barley.  He finished his agricultural apprenticeship in 2009 and is current studying agriculture, finishing in 2015.  (No allergies/nonsmoker)
Note:  Maximilian will attend IFYE conference in Nebraska on July 24-28.

Greece – Vladimiros Topalidis (male – age 17) June  18 – July 30.   Speaks Greek and English.  Hobbies are reading, friends, skiing, soccer, basketball, painting, studying, biking, dancing, cooking, music.  He would like to make new friends, see national parks, go mountain biking, rock climbing, and visit ghost towns and ancient ruins.   Father is a farmer raising peaches, apricots, wheat.  He is a student at the American Farm School where he has attended animal and gardening workshops (including milking cows, gathering eggs, engineering, painting and hydraulics classes).   (No allergies/nonsmoker)

Switzerland –Margrit Stalder  (female age 24 – June 18 – September 10.  Speaks German, French, and English.  Hobbies are music, skiing, mountain biking, rifle shooting riding horses, walking, and skiing.  Other areas of interest are farming and agriculture.  Parents operate a farm with milk cows.  She is currently a retail assistant and hopes to take over her parents’ farm in the future.  (No allergies/nonsmoker)

Taiwan – Ya-Lan Cheng (female age 35) – June 18 – July 23.    Speaks Taiwanese, Mandarin, and English.  Hobbies are music, reading, handicrafts, sewing, singing.  Other areas of interest are agriculture, crop production methods, teaching methods, 4-H clubs.   She lived for five years on a small mango farm.  She is currently a teacher.  (No allergies/ nonsmoker)

Inbound IFYEs from Austria, Finland, Germany, Greece,  Switzerland, and Taiwan will attend National IFYE Orientation in Wichita, Kansas, prior to arriving in Colorado.  They will also attend State 4-H Conference at CSU June 19-21.  (With the exception of Christine who arrives July 9)

IFYEs generally stay with a host family for two-three weeks.  The goal is for these exchange participants to learn about everyday life in the United States by participating in the homestay experience.  All delegates have medical insurance and personal spending money.

Please contact Courtney Loflin at the State 4-H Office for more information regarding these IFYEs,  970.491.2711

Ellen Butler

State 4-H Conference

4-H to the Xtreme!

The 2012 Colorado State 4-H Conference will be held June 19-21. State 4-H Conference provides great training and an opportunity for 4-H members, leaders, and Extension agents to strengthen their leadership skills. It also hosts the following state contests including: Livestock Bowl, Livestock Judging, Consumer Choices, Consumer Bowl, Horse Bowl, Horse Judging, Hippology, Horse Demonstration and Public Speaking, Prepared Speech, Impromptu Speech, and Parliamentary Procedure. We look forward to your participation!

State 4-H Conference information will be available on the web at Registration is $70 per person and for those participating in contests, there is an additional $20 entry fee per contest. For your convenience, we have provided a participant registration form and parent letter for your use; just add your registration deadline and payment information. Please share this information, along with a copy of the workshop descriptions and tentative schedule, with those interested in attending conference. There is also an informational piece to share with parents that you can edit and print on letterhead.

Registration instructions and online registration will be available through 4-H Online May 3 through May 31. Registrations entered after May 31 will be charged a $20 late fee per participant. Online registration will end on June 6 at 12:00 Midnight. Changes can be made directly with Melissa Oliver via email at, or by phone, 970.213.0899, after June 6.  Cancellations between May 31 and June 6 will incur a cancellation penalty of a minimum of $20 up to the full registration dependent on what numbers have been turned in and guaranteed.  NO refund will be given for cancellations after June 6.

Payment for the entire amount is due by June 6. Please use Extension, county government, 4-H leader or youth council checks when paying your registration. Personal checks will not be accepted as it places the entire conference at risk of paying City of Fort Collins taxes. Please make your check payable to the Colorado 4-H Foundation and have it postmarked by June 6. Upon arrival on June 23, we will calculate for additional billing or refunds as necessary.

Please mail to: State 4-H Events Office, ATTN: Melissa Oliver

Rocky Mountain Camps Open to Military Kids Ages 13-17!

Please help us fill our Rocky Mt. Adventure Camps! $25 registration fee for military youth ages 13-17. Go to
Rocky Mountain Adventure Camp 2012-Buses pick up at Fort Carson, The Academy and Buckley AFB.

May 29-Jun 01 RMAC Pingree Camp 1-
Jun 05-Jun 08 RMAC Pingree Camp 2
Jun 19-Jun 22 RMAC Pingree Camp 3
Jul 09-Jul 12 RMAC Pingree Camp 4
Jul 17-Jul 20 RMAC Pingree Camp 5

We have just added 13 year olds so please help us spread the word. Contact Amy Quinn with any questions.

Shauna Vail Woods, Operation: Military Kids Program Coordinator – Colorado Military Liaison

Exciting News: Daniels Scholarship Moves to Open Application Process

We are excited to announce that, starting in fall 2012, students will no longer need a nomination to apply for the Daniels Scholarship. A new “open application process” will allow students to initiate the scholarship application themselves, rather than the process beginning with a nomination from a Referral Agency.

While the new approach will provide greater access to students interested in applying for the Daniels Scholarship, we will still rely on the assistance of high schools, youth serving agencies, and college prep providers to share the opportunity to apply with viable candidates and provide recommendations for their scholarship applications.

“We are grateful for the input we received from hundreds of referral agency representatives who responded to the survey sent after the close of the recent application process,” explained Kristin Todd, senior vice president for Scholarships. “The complexity of the application process was a common theme, but we also heard from a number of respondents that many of their students struggled with the nomination and recommendation process,” she explained.

The Daniels Fund listened carefully to these concerns and believes that the open application will streamline the process to make it easier for students to complete and submit their application, as well as confirm that their recommenders have submitted their information.

Students will have access to the 2012-2013 online scholarship application via the Daniels Fund website. The students and all student- identified recommenders will also have access to an online portal to monitor progress during the scholarship application process.

As in past years, the scholarship application will launch in early September and close in late November.

As always, please contact your regional representative should you have questions about the Daniels Fund scholarship.

Ellen Butler

Invitation to 4-H Members to the CSRN GPS Day Event, June 9, 2012

On behalf of the Colorado Spatial Reference Network, CSRN, ( a chapter of the Professional Land Surveyors of Colorado, PLSC, I would like to extend an invitation to 4-H members in Colorado to the CSRN GPS Day Event to be held on June 9, 2012, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, Utah Park, 1800 S Peoria St, Aurora, CO 80012.

The event is free and open to youth and adults to learn about Global Positioning Satellites, GPS, Geographic Information Systems, GIS, Land Surveying, Geocaching, and Geodesy.  There will be professionals who work with GPS, GIS, Land Surveying, Geocaching, and Geodesy volunteering to share their knowledge to those that attend this event.

Click on these links for further information.

The CSRN would like to have this posted as an activity for 4-H members to attend.  This is open to any age group interested in GPS and the ways it is used.

Ellen Butler

Awards for State 4-H Conference

I just wanted to remind all of you about the two awards that the Colorado State 4-H Officer Team sponsors.  The 4-H Senate Raleigh Brooks Outstanding Leader Award and the 4-H Senate Mile High Outstanding Youth Leader Award.  The applications for the these awards can be found on the 4-H website at:

These two awards are given during the banquet at State Conference.  Please look them over and please recognize your outstanding leaders and 4-H members.

Awards Nomination Forms
•    4-H Senate Raleigh Brooks Outstanding Adult Leader Award
•    4-H Senate Mile High Outstanding Youth Leader Award

Connie Cecil

4-H Foundation Scholarships Awarded

The Colorado 4-H Foundation Scholarship Committee has completed its assessment of the scholarship applications, and the winners of this year’s scholarships have been selected.  This year we received a total of 92 applications for all the various scholarships.

Those receiving scholarships are:

1st Choice After School Kare ($1,000) (new scholarship this year) – Kelly Buchanan (Boulder)

Colorado Agricultural Development Authority ($1,000 each)
– Taylor Hett (Weld)
– Tyler Konieczka (Jefferson)
– Derek Schroder (Baca)
– Kortnee Spelts (Yuma)
– Emily Wellman (Moffat)

Bill and Barbara Holthaus Scholarship ($1,000 each)
– Conner Gerken (Morgan)
– Abbey Pizel (Rio Grande)
– Thomas Price (El Paso)

Kimberling Family Scholarship ($1,000) (increased from $500 to $1,000 for this year since extra funds were available)
– Nikki Buhrdorf (Delta)

Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply Scholarship ($1,000) (five scholarships awarded this year rather than just one as in previous years)
– Natalie Curtiss (Boulder)
– Karisa Fuerniss (Larimer)
– Kasey Miles (Delta)
– Brandon Morgan (Montrose)
– Ayla Newman (Morgan)

Portouw Photography Scholarship ($300)
– Katie Server (Boulder)

Audrey Sandstead Scholarship ($400)
– Kaitlin Williams (Jefferson)

Howard E. and Marjory M. Smith Scholarship ($1,000)
– Mallory Hoots (Routt)

Bill Gargan, Colorado 4-H Foundation

NIFA Partnership Awards

The National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) recognizes there are many outstanding contributions that our partners in the land-grant universities and other cooperating institutions and organizations have achieved.  To recognize these achievements, the Partnership Awards Program was established in 2007.

NIFA invites all land-grant universities and cooperating institutions and organizations supported by NIFA to submit nominations for the 2012 NIFA Partnership Awards Program.  This program recognizes outstanding contributions, aligned with NIFA strategic goals, in support of the USDA mission.  Awards for this year will recognize excellence in:
•         Mission Integration of Research, Education, and Extension
•         Multistate Efforts
•         Innovative Programs and Projects
•         Effective and Efficient Use of Resources
•         Program Improvement through Global Engagement

Nominations can be submitted for individuals or teams of up to 35 members.  Each institution may submit up to two nominations (combined total across all categories), meaning the entire institution including research, education, and extension functions.

Specific instructions and other information regarding this awards program are attached (2011 NIFA partnership criteria.doc).  Nominations must be submitted via the NIFA Partnership Awards Nomination Form, also attached (2012 NIFA partnership Nom-form.doc).  All signed nomination forms must be submitted by July 13, 2012, via email using scanned files that have been saved as .pdf or .jpg files to Chevon Gibson at according to instructions in the attached guidelines.

Winning nominations will be recognized at the NIFA Day of Appreciation tentatively scheduled for October.  NIFA will pay travel expenses for one person from each winning nomination, whether it is an individual or team award.

Nominations should include only individuals or teams who have performed truly distinguished service.  We ask that Deans, Directors, and Administrators thoroughly review each submission for validity of accomplishments before signing his or her approval on the nomination form.

We have many excellent examples of success in these categories across our partnership, and NIFA looks forward to recognizing great accomplishments in October.

– Chavonda Jacobs-Young , Ph.D., Acting Director
National Institute of Food and Agriculture

USDA Childhood Obesity Challenge Area RFA Released

Hello everyone-Please see the following for the release of the USDA childhood obesity challenge area RFA:

Please note the application deadline of June 5 and focus area of adolescents ages 15-19.

Suzanne Le Menestrel
National Program Leader, Youth Development Research
4-H National Headquarters, Division of Youth & 4-H
Institute of Youth, Family & Community, NIFA, USDA
Phone:   (202) 720-2297